This page provides some healthy food recipes that can help rebalance our body system.  In addition, it also provides information concerning food properties that you may hear during your regular visit at Revolution.  A balanced diet is essential to good health.

If you have any question, feel free to ask the practitioner.

Decongestion Daikon Soup

30 min

This tangy, full bodied broth helps clear the Lungs to ease your breathing.  This is especially good to help with cough involving phlegm in the Lungs. Eat a cup of this soup twice a day.

Classic Korean Seaweed Soup

30 minutes

This Korean seaweed soup, known as myeok guk, is a classic kitchen therapy dish served to postpartum mothers to help recover after childbirth and to promote lactation. It is also good for post surgery recovery.  From TCM perspective, this soup is especially good for anyone concerned with reducing soft masses (goiter, ovarian cysts, breast lumps, or lymph node swelling), lowering high cholesterol or high blood pressure.

Ginger-Honey Pear

20 minutes

This is a delicious dish, fit to be served to guests or to baby yourself when you want to soothe a dry throat.  Suitable for anyone suffering from a dry cough, dry throat, bronchitis, asthma, upset stomach, or nausea.

Fresh Lotus Root Salad

30 minutes

Fresh lotus root address Dryness from Heat and harmonizes the Spleen and Stomach.  This dish especially appropriate for hot summer day.  Can be served to anyone who tends to run hot or who needs help with his or her digestion.

Simple Seaweed Salad

30 minutes

A quick and easy salad dish that is a terrific as an appetizer or side dish. Good for people with skin rash, acne, high cholesterol, mass (ovarian cysts, breast lumps, or fibroids), or cancer.  Also good for clearing away of body toxins.

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